Expert Turf Laying in Timperley for a Beautiful Lawn

Turf Laying in Timperley We count turf laying in Timperley among our many garden services, both domestic and commercial. We supply and install high quality turf because nobody has yet requested a mediocre lawn. No customer has directed us to take a chance on the outcome and lay cheap turf on it’s last gasp. You can only get a healthy and robust lawn if you start with healthy and robust turf. We have the experience to select truly fresh cut turf at as low a price as possible. We are family owned landscapers and our livelihood depends on satisfied customers. Our goal is to always exceed expectations. We can only do that with healthy turf combined with our expertise in soil management and growing conditions.

Even the finest turf is not likely to thrive in poor soil. For our customers in Timperley, turf laying requires that we quite literally do the groundwork. The soil must be prepared to receive the turf. The soil has to be turned over and loosened so the young roots can take hold. The soil composition must be correct for proper drainage so roots get the right amount of water without drowning. For good nutrient content, we may need to work a few inches of nutrient dense top soil into the ground. We can only expect success if we properly prepare the ground and install healthy fresh cut turf. Water and sunshine from Mother Nature completes the cycle. If she shorts you on water,  water once a week.

There are factors we take into consideration when turf laying in Timperley. It’s important that the turf be grown from seed that is native to our area. The addition of fertiliser is important but most people have a tendency to over do the chemicals. So we use an environmentally safe fertiliser sparingly. Insecticides and weed killers are harsh on your lawn. The best defence against weeds and root eating insects is healthy turf. When it’s time to cut, never cut more than a third of the grass blade. After cutting, your grass should be no less than two inches high and even a little higher in cool weather. For turf laying done right, contact JNP Garden Services. Among our other services is garden design and construction. We also offer a garden maintenance service.