Garden Maintenance in Hale, Perfect for this Time of Year

Garden Maintenance in HaleWith winter beating a retreat, it’s time for some professional garden maintenance in Hale. Home owners and garden enthusiasts are probably counting the days to when their patches of green bloom and thrive. At JNP Garden Services, our team has the skills, expertise and passion to design, create and maintain world class gardens. No matter how large or small the area, we’re happy to get down to work. Ours is a family run, local business that believes in quality, service and sensible pricing. Above all, we keep your preferences and specifications firmly in mind on each and every project. We offer our services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout the North West and beyond.

For gardens in Hale, garden maintenance is something that is best done by a professional team. However passionate you are about gardening and whatever your skills and experience, there are several chores that are labour-intensive, boring and repetitive. Mowing lawns, raking dead leaves, weeding, pruning trees or trimming hedges are not just hard work, they leave very little time for you to truly enjoy your garden. Leave all these tasks to us, and take only the fun aspects of gardening. Apart from routine maintenance, it’s also important to have a definite design and plan for your garden. Our talented design team can work with you. Your garden design is not a static and permanent thing. It can change with the seasons, weather and the presence or removal of certain features. When you add a structure such as a conservatory, or remove a garage, you will need to restructure and redesign the existing plan.

Garden maintenance in Hale from our team is that part of the story that gives your home or building a distinctive look and kerb appeal. Contact JNP Garden Services for more information regarding our garden maintenance services. We offer a comprehensive maintenance package for residences and commercial properties. You can also select just the services you want. We provide weed control, litter collection, and many other related services that keep your garden looking neat and eye-catching. Our designers are qualified and have the training to create beautiful yet practical and usable outdoor spaces.