Choose a Professional Team for Garden Maintenance in Timperley

Garden Maintenance in TimperleyOur top quality garden maintenance in Timperley will enhance your outdoor living. JNP Garden Services is a family owned business run professionally, by trained, qualified, experienced experts. Our services are available to both domestic and commercial clients across the North West of England and beyond. No matter how large or small the project, we’re delighted to complete it to perfection. As passionate, talented gardeners ourselves, we specialise in landscaping, landscape design, groundworks, maintenance, construction and planning of outdoor spaces, garden design, tree surgery and more. Our designs are created to evolve and grow along with the garden itself.

For property owners in Timperley, garden maintenance works that we take up are carried out to the highest standards every time. Achieving the outdoor space of your dreams isn’t only about setting up a beautiful garden. It takes time and regular, consistent effort to keep it looking that way. We totally understand how difficult it is to make time for your hobbies in the midst of a busy schedule. That is why we provide our custom-designed maintenance services to align with your unique requirements. You may also have a certain budget set aside for this work and we can certainly ensure that we stay within these limits. In general, maintenance includes lawn mowing, spraying, watering, weeding and edging, along with pruning of plants and trees, trimming hedges, planting seasonal flowers, fruits or vegetables, top dressing, and mulching. Your maintenance service can also help you with pest control, fertilizer treatments, turf laying, repairs of garden buildings and furniture.

Our hardworking, reliable team for garden maintenance in Timperley would first conduct a thorough survey to understand your needs. We can plan a schedule accordingly. Using an established company is preferable to finding individual service providers. All our crews are trustworthy, reliable, insured and well-trained. If you need specialist skills such as tree surgery, we can provide the right experts. Contact JNP Garden Services for more information. Maintenance schedules are based on the size of the garden, and the type of plants, lawn, trees in it. It may also depend on the amount of clearing and cleaning required during the different seasons.